Movie-clip on Powerpoint Not Working

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I have been working on a personal presentation which I am making in MS Powerpoint 2010. I added a movie clip on one ok my slides, went to Insert> Movie Clip from Organizer, selected the file and went for the test drive, but it is not working during the preview. Did I miss something?

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Movie-clip on Powerpoint Not Working


Hello Xenia! Your problem may be caused by a wrong format of the video clip that you have inserted in your PowerPoint presentation. It may not be supported by MS PowerPoint that's why it didn't work during your preview. The only video format that is working on MS PowerPoint are the following:

Windows Media Video (.wmv)

Audio Video Interleave (.avi)

Advanced streaming format (.asf)

Moving Picture Expert Group (.mpg or .mpeg)

Try to convert your video clip in any of the formats I have mentioned above and I am very sure that It will work perfectly on your MS PowerPoint presentation.

-Leonard Paul

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Movie-clip on Powerpoint Not Working


Greeings Xenia,

One of the reasons why your video is not working during the presentation preview may be the location where the video file is saved in your computer. 

If you want the video that you insert into a presentation to work when you put the presentation on Slide Show, you need to save the presentation and the video file in the same folder. Then you insert the video wherever you want into the presentation, and when you put on Slide Show, or if you just want to preview the video, it is supposed to work.

I hope that this will help,


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