Serious system error reboot 30 seconds

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This error occurred in my computer for the first time. I was looking for a freeware installer for virus retrieval software. When I found the freeware, I download the installer and afterwards the error popped-up on the screen as follows:

Serious system error

The system will reboot in 30 seconds

Windows cannot continue operating due to fatal system error.

Windows was forced to restart.

All unsaved data will be lost.

After seconds the computer restarted and all the data was deleted as the prompted error says. I browse the internet and the error window came out again.

And that really makes me insane for repeating the actions again and again. Where that error came from and how does it occur? For I only searching a freeware and do some installation. How can i fix the error?


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Serious system error reboot 30 seconds



Just to set your expectations, "Serious System Error" occurs when a malicious file is executed from an infected website. This pop up message is not for real, it is a fake pop up alert. The process will appear legit and right. It will even ask you to reboot your computer. You can remove this error by:

1. Please take time to download  Malware bytes' Anti-Malware (mbam-setup.exe). You can save it on your desktop
2. Please install the application
3. Be sure to put a check mark on the following:

– Update Malware bytes' Anti-Malware
– Launch Malware bytes' Anti-Malware

4. As soon as the process is done, please click on the Finish button.
5. Please update the program, before starting to scan.
6. When scanning is done, please click on "show results".
7. Be sure that all detected threats are marked, and please click on Remove Selected.
8. Please restart your computer.

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Serious system error reboot 30 seconds


Hi Dianna,

It is look like a serious error but actual it's not. You just downloaded from the internet kind of malicious ware this is the reason that causing shut down on your System.

This is the reason i advice everyone to install there Computer a program like "Deep Freeze" so that there computer will not be infected on this kind of freeware or virus, if you install Deep Freeze, all your program downloads at that time will automatically deleted once you restart your computer.

Don't forget to install a virus scanner on your system, this will help a lot on detecting this kind of malicious ware, trojan virus that causes slower on your system.

This program can be removed by clicking start menu, control panel and add remove program, select the program you want to delete. Be cautious next time on downloading program so you don't be receiving an error like this.


Tony Stevenson

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