Select between different views available in Word 2010

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The Word 2010 has multiple views associated with it. How can I change between the different views available? Which one, can I choose to work on a long document which has different section in it? What are the other views for? In which circumstances can I use the other views available?


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Select between different views available in Word 2010


There are different views available in word 2010.
1. Print Layout view: Standard documents, such as letters, memos, and reports, are mostly written and edited in Print Layout view.
2. Print Layout view: If you want to read or review a document, This view can help to simplify the work.
3. Web Layout view: This view helps you to create, view, and edit pages the way they appear online when you open in a browser. By choosing Save As , you can save pages in several Web-compatible formats.
4. Outline view: Use of outline view is to create, view, and edit outlines.
5. Draft view: Draft view displays a document as a continuous text scroll; In this type of view page breaks are denoted by dashed lines.

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