Second Life is not running.

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My software with the name of Second Life is not running. Suggest me something to work it proper and also let me know why this error comes and what are the resolutions steps used. 


‘An error was found parsing the command line.
Please see.
Error:Unknown option login uri’


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Second Life is not running.



Hi Peter,
Knowing the OS and a viewer version you are using would be of great help in finding the right solution. 
LoginURI is a parameter that is telling your viewer which server it should connect to. "Error:Unknown option loginuri" is a rare but known bug and occurs mostly when using some older V1 viewers. Simplified, viewer refuses to recognize "–login" parameter because it could be "–loginuri".
I would suggest you to check for any available updates for your viewer. If you are still using V1 viewer, it would be great if you could switch to V2. 

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