Unable to start Grand Theft Auto IV Liberty City

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My teenager kid consulted me with this error message that I have posted below. This is regarding the game that I have bought him for his birthday. The game is called Grand Theft Auto IV Liberty City.

What did he do with the game for him to get this error? I badly need help because he has been nagging me because of this.

Application error

Exception ERangeError in module GTA_IV_HUD.asi at 00017BA7.

Range check error.

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Unable to start Grand Theft Auto IV Liberty City

The error you are getting is associated with a HUD (heads-up display) MOD or modification. A lot of players are installing mods to replace the game's default user interface or at least some of it, for aesthetics.
I believe the easiest fix would be to revert to the default settings, which typically include uninstalling and re-installing the game. Should you choose to pursue the use of this mod, you may download JerlejL's ASI loader and install it. Best of luck! 

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