Saving documents in MS OFFICE ´07 with Windows 7 X64

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Hi all, The problem in a nutshell is when I try opening or saving documents in MS OFFICE ´07 with Windows 7 X64 I always get the following errors 'C:' is currently unavailable. OR ::{031E4825- … }Documents.library-ms refers to a location that is unavailable.

I have inkling as to what may have caused it but have no tech knowledge: I installedan eSata drive and found a lot of the folders on my other drive being repeated on it. When I told my anti-virus to scan the esata drive it mirrored that on the other one.

The two drives seem to be linked so I deleted the files off the drive but then they didn´t even show up in the recycle bin. I unmounted the drive and went back to see the files again and everything was as it should be.

I launched MS Office but discovered that when I tried to save a document there was only the top and bottom parts of the box, meaning the white bit with all the data wasn´t there and click cancel then proceeded to close Office entirely!.

If you try to go to a different location using the box it just gives the same error message stated above? I would just like to know if anyone has any idea what is going on and how to solve it, thanks in advance. Dave

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Saving documents in MS OFFICE ´07 with Windows 7 X64



The problem you mentioned above seems that Office 2007 was not installed properly on your machine or the whole installation process was interrupted with a bad sector of your systems.

I think this happened just after the installation of Office 2007 when you wanted to work with it. Office 2007 is the Microsoft Office Program full with graphical user interface.

So you need not to be worry. Collect a fresh one and once again install it. Before installing you should make your computer safe with an updated Antivirus. You can also use Office 2007 without installing it on your machine i.e. portable.       

I hope you understand it.

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