Samsung NP-NC213-P01BD Solar noteBook – laptop

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I have heard about Samsung NP-NC213-P01BD Solar notebook.

I want to know, how many hours of computing will the fully charged solar battery provide me? 

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Samsung NP-NC213-P01BD Solar noteBook – laptop


Hi there!

Samsung NP-NC213-P01BD is not solar powered. It uses a 6-Cell Lithium Ion Battery.

Samsung’s solar powered laptop is the NC215netbook. It measures about 10 inches with a display of 1024×600 pixels.

It also has a memory of 1gigabyte. The battery life for this solar powered laptop is about 14 hours. This is the first solar powered computer in the market.

The solar cells are located in front of the lid. So you position it near the window with its lid down to charge. And when you’re outdoors on a sunny day, you can charge while you can work on your computer.

Though this is a solar powered laptop, it also has a back up battery.


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