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Samsung just recently launched its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III. Its launch was quite controversial in the U.S. seeing that Apple originally made efforts in putting a stop to its U.S. release.

How does the Galaxy S III compare to an Apple iPhone in terms of price, durability, and usage?

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By looking at the appearance for these two phones, we can clearly see its differences. Shape and design differ from each other. Samsung Galaxy S III is quite bigger than iphone 4s. In terms of their display, iphone 4s is better in color and contrast than Samsung Galaxy III.

Maybe this is because Samsung Galaxy III has a wider and bigger screen. The big screen of Galaxy III makes it pleasurable to view multimedia compared to iphone 4s.

Actually, both have high resolution display. The advantages of Galaxy III are: it has a fast mobile data support for up to 4G, very fast processor and lots of RAM while the iphone 4s   has lesser microSD slot for storage and it you need to use its own USB connector instead of using a standard micro USB.