S2 camera white eye editing

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I want to buy S2 Galaxy. But I want to know about the camera capture?Is the White Eye editing can edit to remove Red Eye?

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S2 camera white eye editing



Dear Bryan,

Thank you for sending us your query.

This Galaxy S2 has the most elite external look I have ever seen in the Samsung Electronics. However, back to your question about camera capture specifically, if the white eye editing can edit to remove Red Eye. My answer is a firm NO! Why? Samsung has not included this function in SGS2, For you to be able to edit the Red eye (Usually Red Eye will be present whenever you take picture in the dark where your model get shocked that cause their iris dilated resulting a "Red Eye Effect" when you print your images) so, all you have to do now is to search for an editing software that you know to remove the "Red Eye" which is not good, well, It's good when you try to show your pictures in an "scary motif", kidding aside, an editing software will be the best option for this, I recommend you to use Photoshop software this will be a good assistant for you. Though, In my own opinion, the real and the natural look of the picture is the "soul" and the true "art" of the picture, anyway, Let's give a credit to our high-tech world today, we're living in an advance society where adapting these skills is an art alone.

Now, you know that if ever you take pictures in a dark , the results are "Red Eye Effect" hence, when you take pictures in the very light setting, sometimes pictures have green or yellow colour effect but no matter what the colour of the eyes, This capture problem will always remember as "Red Eye Effect".

If you don't know how to use Photoshop or other PC editing option you can search for a free tutorial session that will enhance your skills on this.


Steeley Ney


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