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Last night I downloaded an online game (size>2GB). When I started to play the game, I realized that I needed to look up a guide to help me out, but every time I click on Google Chrome/ Firefox I get this runtime error.

A Runtime Error has ocurred. Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 14
Error: Object expected

Yes No

I tried closing the game and then running google chrome, and it worked. Is their something wrong with my computer?

Please help! Thanks

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This problem might occur due to some conflict between the Google chrome or any other browser and an unresponsive plug-in which is in that certain game.  Uninstall and reinstall the game again. Make sure that the plugins of that game are also installed properly.  Test, if it will work. Otherwise, try scanning your computer for any malware that may cause this conflict to your browser.

If the first two still didn’t work, try reinstalling your Google Chrome. You don’t have to worry about Firefox because there are a lot of games that are not compatible with Firefox.

It will also be helpful if you send me the exact error so that we’ll find more clues from where the problem is coming from.  Because there’s also a possibility that are different factors why you are experiencing this error.

Conchita Ahili