Runtime Error: Object Expected on using Dev C++ Tool

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I am using Dev C++ tool in this tool I write C++ code and then compile it before 2 days it is working properly but from 2 days it is not doing work. Due to this problem I can’t do work. I am trying to remove this error but can’t understand why this error appears. Need experts help.


A Runtime Error has occurred.

Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 14

Error: Object expected

                        Yes                                          No

Please provide urgent help. I say thanks for all Techyv team and owner of this site. Due to these peoples our problems solved easily.

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Runtime Error: Object Expected on using Dev C++ Tool



As far as I know, debugging is a process in finding a defective code in a program, Often times, it’s a time consuming, and efficiency depends on how skilled is the programmer. You can find debugging tools in MS Visual studio, in these tools, it can stop and slow down an execution of a program and change also monitors variables and back to its execution time.

Now to debug plain C++ , before doing this just make sure that you have attached a correct and accurate debug engine, try selecting Native in the Attach to in attach dialog process.

Accurately load the symbols look for it in the debug+windows+ Loaded modules to know the status of the symbols.

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Runtime Error: Object Expected on using Dev C++ Tool


It is a purely programming error and it mean that you have a error on line 14 of your program and you need to configure it. A debug is a tool that allows programmer to see errors form program and remove them from programs. Once the errors are removed from the program your program will run perfectly and there will be no error. keep in mind that this is not a DEV C++ error but it is your program error to which you are writing to. So you need to change your program not the software. Once the error is removed try to debug again and see for other errors and once you have finished your debug process then you can run your program and can execute it or can make executable file for such program which is error free and ready to use by the user.

I hope now you are well known to debug tool and now you can solve your programming problem. That's it for now.

Karen cruise.

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Runtime Error: Object Expected on using Dev C++ Tool


Runtime Errors like the one you are getting on the program you have worked on means that the computer is being asked to do something that it can’t like opening a file that does not exist at all, or dividing by a variable that contains zero value. The good thing about Runtime Error is that it tells you the line where the program needs to be checked. Thus you will have to click on debug to find out which part of your program needs to be corrected. The annoying thing though is it is like a trial and error in programming. You will have to remove the line that is causing the error then try to run the program again hoping that it’ll work the way it is supposed to be. If it does, then that is good, however, if not, then you will have to write up a new line for your program to make it work correctly and smoothly.

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