Running from USB, registry CCleaner

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I've bought CCleaner Pro edition and I want to use it from my USB. Is it possible to install CCleaner to my USB storage key, and when I insert the USB in my computer, CCleaner would automatically start and clean my registry?

Note: I'm using windows 7.

Thanks for helping!

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Running from USB, registry CCleaner



Hi isabellagregorey,


If you want to put your CCleaner Pro edition into your USB storage, just follow these easy steps.


1. Insert your USB at the USB port and wait for the device to be recognized.

2. When the device is ready to use, just browse your CCleaner Pro edition folder.

3. Click on the CCleaner Pro edition folder and copy it by pressing Ctrl+C

4. Open your USB storage device and press CTRL+V to paste the copied CCleaner Pro edition folder.

There you have the CCleaner Pro edition stored into your USB. When you insert the USB into another computer, just open the folder and then click on CCleaner.exe.


Hope this information helps.



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Running from USB, registry CCleaner


Yes, you can install CCleaner on your USB flash drive but it will not start automatically when you connect the USB flash drive on the USB port. To make CCleaner run automatically when you connect the USB flash drive, you have to create an autorun INF file that will trigger the program to start automatically upon drive insertion.

When installing CCleaner on a USB flash drive, you don’t install the standard version because it requires installation. The one you need is the portable version which doesn’t require installation and just run out of the box. Unfortunately, the portable version of CCleaner is no longer offered as a download on its website. The program is now intended for administrators and advanced users.

To download the portable version, go to CCleaner Builds and download CCleaner Portable. This will download a ZIP file. Once the file is downloaded, unpack the ZIP file with WinZip or download 7-Zip to unpack the file. Once the contents are extracted, copy the contents of the ZIP file to the root of your USB flash drive.

Now, to make CCleaner to autorun, start Microsoft Notepad then copy and paste the following to Notepad:


If you are using 64-bit Microsoft Windows, replace “CCleaner.exe” with “CCleaner64.exe”. The line should look something like this without quotes: “open=CCleaner64.exe”. Save the file as without quotes “autorun.inf” and put it on the root of the USB flash drive. And that’s it. Now, every time you insert your USB flash drive, CCleaner will start automatically.

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