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My friend tried to use runkeeper applications in android tablet to track his workout activity but error occurred when sending data to runkeeper, “There was error resending your data” How can we fix this kind of error? What other errors can we experienced in this application ?

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You need to make sure to check your signals and settings and try again to send to the website. Here is what you can do,

Try clearing credentials and logging into the app again, this time wait to be sure you get 'login successful' notification and try resending activity again.

Try to send the data manually.

There are so many errors you can experience while using this application, here are some of the errors:

1. It reduced battery time on iPhone 4s.

2. Race result on race page, displaying the wrong distance, change historical weight, activity doesn't show up on Facebook, maps not showing up.

3. Wrong distance data, GPS distance problem, google map is not showing.