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Hello all

I have recently installed rumblelauncher but when I launch it, I get an error on my screen.

The screenshot of the error is as follows:

Launcher.exe – entry Point Not Found

Launcher.exe – entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point wmemcpy_s could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR100.dllIf anyone has any idea how to fix it up, I'll be grateful to you.

Waiting for your helpful advise.

Kindest regards.

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This problem is maybe because of the version that you are using. msvcr100.dll file is dynamic link library which is being called by other application. While the other application the “Wmemcpy_s” file and the old version you have doesn’t have at least one of the application’s need. And also it doesn’t help even whether you are going to re-install it again. All you need to do is to get the older/new version, which is a version on the system for the other application and placing the copy of msvcr100.dll that work in the folder with application that needs the other version to solve this problem.

Hope it will help you.