Router With Rj11 Input Convert To Rj45 Input

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Router with RJ11 input convert to RJ45 input

I have Aztech 4-port ADSL2/2+ Wireless-G Modem Router which is given to me by my friend. The problem is, I have internet connection where my ISP cable uses RJ45 while the router DSL input is RJ11. How could I connect the RJ45 connector to RJ11 socket? Anyone here knows how to convert from RJ45 connector to RJ11? Or any adapter needed for this conversion. Thanks!

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RJ45 will never work properly if you inserted the wire in RJ11, you might need to see the instruction manual of your router if the same company provide you with a newer router which have RJ45 ports. If they do then just replace that with your present router.

Amazingly, the RJ11 ports are used for phone lines only, there is a available port for phone lines on your router, and RJ45 ports are only used for Internet. Better option is to get a replacement of your router.

RJ11 is mostly used for dial-up connection with one line connected to your phone and the other to your modem.

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Try contacting your service provider for assistance but I think what you are saying is possible because if you look closely on you RJ45 it has 8 wires inserted but in reality, it is only using 4 wires to transfer data. You can change the RJ45 to RJ11 but provided that you know the right configuration setting of the wire so that you will have no problem when you change it.

If you have any doubts on my solution you can try doing a straight wire that has a different color settings than what we usually have. Make both ends have the same color settings and it will still work.

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