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We are facing a typical difficulty in the application of Revit Architecture 2009. It truly is abruptly offering the mistake concept in addition to sales techniques.

It is occurring using one or two models. I have prepared the device and also documented the license via on the internet subsequently re-installing the software. This issue remains the same. Machines tend to be together with 1 Gigabyte random access memory.

We've installed newest service face pack due to this. In fact, I have fitted in Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 service pack 1. I repaired Autodesk merchandise too, but the problem continues again and again.

Please help me solve this issue.


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The problem here may be with your computer's requirements or specifications, you need to confirm whether your computer has enough space in the hard disk for the software to run efficiently. Revit usually requires 2GB of RAM.

Here is what you can do to solve that issue;

Ensure Hardware Acceleration is turned on in graphics options.

If it is on you can try turning it off to see whether the problem will be solved, restart the program or uninstall it and reinstall to see whether the problem will have been solved.