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How to resize an image in html page without losing the qualities of the image and how to make it in the left of page?

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For the image insertion in html the following tag is use, <img src="image1.jpg">. This tag will insert the image. For the size of image, the attribute is <img src="image.jpg" width="200" height="150">. This will adjust the image to require size, and you can select the desire width and height of the image. Furthermore, this link will be helpful in telling you the entire attribute related to image. This is a complete tutorial and helps you resolve your problem.

This also contain images that will guide you complete instruction regarding your issue. Hope this reply will be helpful and help you to come out from the problem.


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Hey Samantha Smith!

Everything in HTML is done by coding. If you want to resize your image than you do not have to crop it, or reduce its quality, or reduce its pixel. You can simple done it by coding. It's up to you that what size of picture suits for your website. Here is an example, which will tell you that how can you resize your image in HTML

<img src="" width="200" height="85" alt="Computer Hope">

You just have to assign the width and height to the image in src tag.

Secondly to align the picture to the left of the page, you have to align tag. Below is the example of code.

<img src="sunset.gif" align="left">


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Thank you for helping me. I opened the site that you suggested and it gives me a step by step instructions on how to help me resize my image without compromising the quality. After the trial and error I was able to do it perfectly.

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It was my pleaure helping r welcome