The requested bucket name is not available

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Hi there,

I have this message error when I want to create a Bucket. I am not sure what could be the problem but I can’t create a Bucket at all. I tried to use lots of name with number combinations but nothing it seems to work. Does anyone have some time to help me creating this one? Thanks!

Create Bucket – Select a Bucket Name and Region

The requested bucket name is not available. The bucket namespace is shared by all users of the system. Please select a different name and try again.

A bucket is a container for objects stored in Amazon S3. When creating bucket, you can choose a Region to optimize for latency, minimize costs, or address regulatory requirements. For more information regarding bucket naming conventions, please visit the Amazon S3 documentation.

Bucket Name:yourbucket

Region: US Standard

Set Up logging> Create Cancel

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The requested bucket name is not available


This error appears when trying to create a "bucket" (folder) on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) with a name that is already taken. Because all names must be unique across the entire Amazon S3, there is no way to create a bucket with an already taken name. There is also no way to know which name is already taken. To fix this problem, you need to be creative. Here are the rules to follow:

1. Bucket name cannot be shorter than 3 characters or longer than 63 characters. The longer and more complex the name you pick, the higher the chance it is available.

2. Allowed characters are: lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens and periods (with some exceptions; see 4.)

3. You may not use spaces in your bucket name.

4. You may use periods, but not as a first or last symbol. For example, "my.bucket" is allowed, while ".mybucket" or "mybucket." are not. You may not use more than one period in a row.

5. You must include at least one letter in your bucket name.

With this in mind, you can now create a unique bucket name.

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