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I bought a laptop  2 years ago.A few months ago,it become gradually and extremely slow and eventually collapsed.I had it checked and was told that the motherboard had crashed.The laptop had a good web camera,i was wondering if its possible to remove the webcamera from the laptop to my computer because i really need it.

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First, shut down your device and take away its battery. Then turn it backwards and confiscate screws from its base until you eradicate the surface covering.

Take away the keyboard and motherboard to separate the apex piece from the underneath part. Eliminate them cautiously removing the screws, wires, and cables.

Detach the top fraction by separating wires, which attach the monitor to the motherboard.

Divide the top piece’s exterior covering with the use of a plastic putty blade to interfere it unbolt or with eradicating further screws.

Find the webcam and discover where it connects with the rest body of your laptop. Take away the webcam and you are ready to use it!