Removing autorun.inf virus (virus issue)

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I have a laptop with xp pro os.In somehow i got these autorun.inf  virus and am not able to delete it.seems i am infected.pls help me to remove these virus.thanks

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Removing autorun.inf virus (virus issue)


hi their uly,

first run your system in safe mode

then go to your my computer properties and enable the system restore function.

then restart your computer and run in command prompt mode.

in the command mode type the following.

ATTRIB Autorun.inf -H -S -R.

if the file is found in the Drive then give.

DEL Autorun.inf.

When the windows restarted, open the drive c: to my computer and create a new folder then rename it to AUTORUN.INF so

that the autorun will not  back from your computer anymore.

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Removing autorun.inf virus (virus issue)


Usually, when a computer is infected with an autorun virus, the virus automatically creates multiples files on the hard drive. The actual folder in the drive is made hidden and creates an EXE file bearing the label of the hidden folder. The same with the files, the real files on the drive are made hidden and it creates multiple EXE files copying the filenames of the real files.

This virus is very annoying because after infecting your computer, it will also immediately infect any USB flash drives you insert on the CPU. It normally travels from one computer to another through USB flash drive. The autorun virus is only effective in infecting a computer if the machine has the autoplay function enabled. If autoplay is turned off, the virus will not be activated and will not infect.

But even if the autoplay function is turned off, since the virus has already created multiples files in case the machine is already infected, clicking or running any of the created files will still trigger the virus. If your computer is infected with an autorun virus, try cleaning it first with your antivirus. Update your antivirus and run a full system scan on your computer.

In case the antivirus can’t handle the severity of the infection, try using Sophos Virus Removal Tool. It is very effective in removing viruses on an already infected computer. You don’t need to uninstall your existing antivirus program when using Sophos. It works alongside any antivirus program you may have. Also, this tool is not an antivirus. It is only a tool for removing malware on the computer.

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