Registry easy ad aware problems

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Hi, techyv experts!

I have a question about registry easy ad aware software programs. I've just successfully installed ad aware antivirus program, however, it detects my registry easy cleaner as a malware. After a week, I cannot start up my registry easy program anymore. How can I solve this? I need your help with this.

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Registry easy ad aware problems


Hi Eri Kviars,

First and foremost, do not install adware programs into your computer because those programs aren't good enough at maintaining your computer at low risk level, however, if you have such problems.

I would like you to do a uninstallation of the product and stick with antivirus programs such as AVG or AVAST, such free antivirus software that is not requiring you to pay.

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Registry easy ad aware problems



    There is nothing wrong with any of your software.

It is a very common issue with the antivirus software that they sometimes take other software that delete or alter data on their own without prompting the user for permission and hence this was the same case here.

Your antivirus kept deleting some files that it considered harmful for the PC and deleted them so slowly your software was not able to run as some of the necessary file were also deleted.

All you need to do is to open the properties and permissions from your antivirus and add this software as having the alteration of data right.

This will solve the issue.

Hope you understood the problem and got a good answer! 🙂

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