Regarding trade hardcopies of e-Books, unexpected computer crashes

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May I ask if I could make trade hard copies of my e-Books?

I planned to make barter out of these e-Books which I have a plenty. How will that be?

Do you have any recommended sites for buyers, willing for a trade?

May I  also  ask regarding installation in my computer?

What shall I do to these irritating problems?

My computer’s OS (Operating System) crashed. Will this affect the installation and license privileges that I have?

What causes this unexpected computer crashes?

Do I need to make a purchase or downloadable installer to fix the problem?


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Regarding trade hardcopies of e-Books, unexpected computer crashes


That’s basically depends where do you want to trade of your book. You may sell both your eBook and hardcopy in Amazon (Amazon gives an opportunity to order the hard copy of eBook).if you want to publish the hard copy your self then contact with to publish and trade your hard copy. But for that reason you must have the ISBN(International Standard Book Number).you may also contact with to get the publish book on demand from your sell to save your printing  and trading cost.

Second answer basically depends on your OS. But the common solution is that you may contact with some service provider showing your crashed message what to do with it.your decision to buy the installer to fix the problem would be the best. But beware of the back up of that installer as some of them vanished the backup of your hard drive or system file.

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