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The recovery partition in my computer was accidentally removed and no recovery disc was made. I am thinking of restoring my system to the original factory settings. Does anyone know if the recovery partition can be downloaded? If not, I would appreciate any help in creating a recovery partition or in restoring my system to the original factory settings.

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For you to be able to retrieve the recovery partition, you will need to put the old drive back in to the computer, and thereafter you will boot off the recovery partition which you will be assuming that it is still somewhere on the computer. Once you have done that, you should be able to recover that drive back to the factory state, and thereafter you will need to burn the recovery discs from the software that was installed on the computer before from the factory.

You will probably need to make the partition active to as to be able to boot off the recovery partition, and you can probably do that in Windows while you still have the old drive in the external enclosure.

-Richard Gabriel