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Dear Friends, I am creating Macros in MS Excel and I want to reuse them in my other MS Excel file. Can anyone help me out whether I can reuse macros again for the same work? Or I have to create same macro again and again.

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Macros are the footage of the mouse movements and the clicks that copies your work automatically. If you have made a Macro from the past and you want to utilize it again, you just need to save it on your personal macro workbook. A new workbook will be made and will be named as personal.xls by default. It will be made on the AutoOpen directory on Excel. It will be launched automatically as soon as you start your computer. Start Excel and then click on the Menu and Unhide. The workbook is listed there. Click on Tools and then Macros to view all the Macros saved on file.

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Thanks a lot Valbuena Jane!

I tried it out and it works. Now I don't have to worry when I'm recording all our sales and inventory of excel files. Made my job a lot easier. I'm lucky I stumbled upon this site. Thanks again!

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So that's how it's done. I've been trying hard to figure out how my co-worker keeps her files well sorted out. She taught me how doing it on excel once but, I've forgotten how she did it. Now all I have to do is enable the macros and start on a new record again. Many thanks Valbuena Jane. I'd treat you for a coffee if I knew you. This site is amazing! Full of intelligent people.

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Wow! I didn't know that before I stumbled here on techyv. I thought I know excel well but all I know was to use the "save as" button and overwrite the newly saved one. Well done Jane. Thank you! ;-)

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Valbuena Jane If I hadn't found this site, I would probably still be waist deep in our accounts that I've been tracking. I have been searching for so long for a solution that would help me in my files. The problem was that I don't know what to ask for my question. Then I found a link to this site, found this question and your answer, did a little browsing about macros and VOILA! You certainly made my day. Thank you! And, congratulations Techyv for having a talent like Valbuena Jane here on your site.

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This answer certainly helped me with my accounting problems. Now I don't have to input a new formula again and again on each cell. Good thing there's techyv and techies like Valbuena Jane. More power to techyv.

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Hello there!

I just started out a new bakery wherein I have to track all our day's sales and inventory. Now I know how to do basic excel but didn't know the extent of its capabilities. I also used to create files from scratch every day. Well, that won't be the case anymore. I just started using macros and used your answer above for reference and was enlightened. My heartfelt thanks to Valbuena Jane and this wonderful site.

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One answer, so many comments. Definitely a good thread. Let's make it longer by adding mine.

I just got hired and just started using formulas in excel and yes, I am a noob. I am pressured at work on how to get quick inputs that tally automatically. My sister taught me how to use macros but didn't know if I can reuse it again. I browsed and got a link to this question. After reading it, I immediately tried it and it works. Now, what more can I say? Great Answer! Thanks Jane and techyv! Now I know where to look at when I have problems regarding I.T.

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This certainly worked for me. Did a little browsing for information about macros too. Learned a lot. Also made my job a lot easier. I even created a shortcut command key for it. Thanks to TECHYV and to the one who answered first.

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I found this a bit frustrating at first but when I learned how to use formulas correctly, it was a breeze. Thanks for your useful tip regarding macros and it's usability.

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So, I see I'm not the only one here who had this kind of problem. Luckily for us we have techyv that is full of intelligent people.

I know now where to go when I have PC problems.

We can almost find every answers we need here. :-)