Transfer Excel Files to MS-Word

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I am trying to create a MS Excel on my computer and I need to transfer it to MS Word because I have to add caption above the Excel table.

But I don't know how to do it.

I need it so badly.

Can someone help me find the answer?

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Transfer Excel Files to MS-Word


There are two methods of transferring the Excel sheet into MS Word.

  • Open up MS Excel and create your document. If the document already exists then simply open the document.
  • First method to export the sheet is to copy the sheet by dragging the mouse across all the columns and rows and then by clicking Copy from Edit menu.
  • Then open MS Word and click Paste from Edit Menu. All of your rows will be copied. But this is not an effective and professional way of doing it. 
  • Second method is more effective and will produce desired results.
  • In MS Excel click Save As in File Menu. Select CSV (Comma Delimited) as a file type and save the .xls (Excel) file.
  • In MS Word open the .csv file. You will see that the data is separated by commas.
  • Select the whole text. Click Convert and then Text to Table under Table Menu.
  • A dialog box will be opened.
  • At the bottom of the window there will be an option “Separate text at”.
  • Select Commas and click Ok. Your data will be converted into table.

Now you can easily add caption above the table. 

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Transfer Excel Files to MS-Word


You can not directly transfer file from MS Excel to MS Word.

  • Go to the MS Excel click on it.It will open an excel page.You will have to see there Excel worksheet Row and Columns.
  • Click on file menu of MS Excel and save the Excel worksheet after creating your document.There you will find dialog box file in use.It is mentioned there read only, notify, cancel. Work on it.

MS Excel has a formula bar.You can write your document on the formula bar. MS Excel rows are 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the columns are in MS Excel from A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H etc.

  • Click on left side of the mouse and you will find a black bar on MS Excel. The technique of writing in MS Excel formula bar are provided by you. You should copy and paste your MS Excel document in to MS Word.

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