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I am not sure what I did while browsing through different websites. When I opened up my browser and typed a web address, my laptop had started redirecting me to a different website.

No matter what, it is taking me to the same website. I need to deactivate this setting but I am not sure how will I be able to do that.

Please help.

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Redirect to a different page


The following factors/reasons can be the causes of your problem:

  1. Location Bar redirection.
  2. Search Engine search redirection.

If searches only from  Location bar are affected, then  it is likely because of the ISP internet service provider and / or DNS server which is redirecting you to invalid requests. Solution for this is to change the preference settings of keyword URL by going to about: configure preference settings.

If Google or Bing search engines searches are also redirected to different sites, then this is a dangerous situation. It has been affected by malicious software like Trojans, Spyware and any virus.

More detail information on how to check and remove these malicious software is given in links below:

Hope this could help you.

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Redirect to a different page


According to the symptoms you described, your computer may be infected with malware, maybe even dangerous trojans.

The solution is to use antivirus to remove this infection. Try Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, which is probably the best choice in 2012. Also use it as a prevention in the future to avoid new problems.

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