Ragnarok Online Fails to Connect to Private Server

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Hi, everyone!

Ragnarok Online was installed on my machine without any problem. However, when I try to log on to a server that is private, it fails to connect. When I manually checked the server, it was online. Is my firewall causing the game not to connect to the server that is already online?

Error: Failed to connect to Server


Failed to connect to Server.

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Ragnarok Online Fails to Connect to Private Server


Good day William,

Do you prepare the game with the Ragnarok patch?

You need to use the Ragnarok patch to start RO and not Valkyrie or rebirth. You need to patch up using Renewal shortcut, then patch up with Ragnarok, and then use Ragnarok to start playing by installing it with the pre-VIP installer.

But if there’s no problem with the installer, it may also caused by full server, or in other words, there are too many players are currently playing Ragnarok Online the time when you try to open.

Lastly, it has failed to connect because of your Firewall settings, it might block some programs that can cause serious errors in your PC. All you have to do is to turn off the Firewall but please make sure that you have antivirus software.

I hope this information helps,

Mark Amna

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