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Since Apple is keen on joining the race for cloud based computing dominance how is it going to fare against online  search engine giant Google, given a few years from now?

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Cloud computing is a situation whereby information is stored on the Internet by companies and organizations and this reduces costs that could be incurred due to hiring more staff personnel or buying more computing equipment like computers and servers. So if Apple has decided to venture into cloud computing, my view is that it may end up being more profitable than Google, since most firms will want to cut on costs involved in running the businesses since they will be only be needed to pay for what they use in the 'cloud'. But it may take quite a while to have many firms adopt cloud computing, considering that companies tend to react slowly to changes due to fear of risks and losses and also the state of the economy.

Google on the other side is far much gone in terms of making profits, for what started as a search engine has come up with many other products that bring revenue like ad-on's, gmail, Google+. So, although I have a thought that cloud computing may be some business to reckon with, it may take quite longer before it beats Google.



Lee Hung.

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Short answer: Cloud computing.  A person quote from page 84 of Brand Z’s report: The emergence of cloud computing a heating over who will own the consumer device or platform. When the battle was of about the winning the pc market, consumers were less concerned about the particular brands of pc or laptops as long as it ran Microsoft office. So with the cloud consumers may care less about the brand of their mobile device as long as it can access to Google or Facebook. Apple could be an exception because of the strong emotional and functional appeal of the brand.

Brand Z clues us into the fact that cloud computing was a very important factor in their calculations the section of their report that gives an overview of the activity of Technology brands in 2010. Google and Apple are testifying before congress to allay fears that they are harvesting location-tracking information from Smartphone.  If they were harvesting this information, they would be able to develop movement-profiles of subscribers that would be extremely valuable for marketing purposes.