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What is the procedure to milling a irregular surface using MasterCam X4?

Im starting to use this software and will be my first CNC program.

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Dynamic milling creates a constantly adapting tool path that delivers more reproducible cutting terms and grants use of the total tool flute length. This new techniques saves cutting time while reducing wear on your tooling and machines. High-velocity machining can bear a faster reversal and a master finish. Master cam for solid works includes a suite of fully associative HSM methods that attain the almost of your NC machines. By using Peel milling it is very easy to mill the solid surface. Core roughing and area clearance efficiently remove bulk material with tool paths tailored to your part’s core or cavity. Pencil machining passes a tool along the crossing of solid aspects to clean out hard-to-reach domains and particulars. In addition to formal 2D programming such as bagging and contouring, master cam for solid works includes feature based machining to automate much of your 2D programming.