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I would like to hear the responses of video arcade lovers out here who are familiar with MAME23 (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator). As I've heard you can play the actual arcade games right in to your PC with this software. Has anyone tried it? Is it easy to install and  use? How about your user experience?

It would be great to hear all your opinions about MAME23. Thank you.

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Yes, you can actually play arcade games in your PC using MAME23 or any other arcade game emulators. This emulator is easy to install and you can configure the graphics and sound settings for better and fast gaming experience. Using MAME23, you can play a bunch of old arcade games like MARVEL VS CAPCOM, STREET FIGHTER and many more. You just need to download the specific ROMs (game file). You can also try different emulators like "final burn alpha" which is one of the best arcade game emulator. You can also configure the controls whatever you want. You can also use usb joystick to be able to play comfortably and more fun. You can visit for more emulators and ROM