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Our company shifted from manual workforce to using computers and I find quality assurance software as a way to deal with inventories and other quality assurance needs. I find MSAccess as an easy-to-use database application because it looks similarly as any Microsoft Office applications and has a user-friendly interface. What QA software would you suggest for a company like us that just started embracing the use of software in our daily tasks? I need one that is able to integrate with MSAccess and if possible, with other MSOffice applications as well.

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Hello Alfred,

Yes, you can integrate MS Office application such As Access. The Common accounting software packages together with QuickBooks are comprises API or application programming interface where you can incorporate with other accounting software applications. The main purpose of this brilliant technology is to reduce or minimize data entry redundancy and advanced efficiency from Microsoft Access and SQL Server data files into QuickBooks or other Accounting software programs. I believe that most items can be created through QuickBooks interface and be industrialized integration programming including payments, invoices, timesheets, credit memos, purchase orders, sale orders, inventory and so forth. Very useful and powerful features can considerably reduce accounting and administrative expenses and time consuming as well.

I hope this information helps