Putting links or bookmarks in a document

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Hi techyv experts,

I am looking for a quick bookmark. Something I can put like a tab on the left of my document, so that I can click it and it can take me to a certain page. I'd like it like a small tab or icon. Is this doable?

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Putting links or bookmarks in a document


To add a bookmark to a document, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the document on which you want to add a bookmark and then select which item you want to assign a bookmark or just simply click on your document where you want to insert a bookmark.

2. Under the insert menu, click Bookmark.

3. Type the name of your bookmark on the text field box. It should start with a letter and must contain numbers. Don't add spaces. You can add underscore character (_) to split your words and then click Add.

4. To view your bookmark, open the document where you added your bookmark.

5. Select Tools> click Options> View Tab. And then tick the Bookmark check box. If you allocate a bookmark to the item, the bookmark showed as brackets under your document and if you allocate a bookmark on a location, it will be displayed ad i-beam.

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Putting links or bookmarks in a document


How to insert bookmark in your document:

1. Place your insertion point at the location you want to tag

2. On the ‘Insert’ menu, click on the ‘Bookmark’ tab.

3. Then Bookmark dialog box will pop out.

4. Within the bookmark name container, input a name of the bookmark.

5. Lastly, Click ‘Add’ button (If you plan to put numerous social bookmarks, all you have to do is guarantee the name is descriptive adequate that it will be easily familiar and click Include).

To go back to that particular bookmark area open up the Bookmark dialogue tab from your Insert menu, emphasize the book mark, after which, click ‘Go To’. The actual book marks will not be noticeable inside the finished document.

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