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What's the purpose for Windows XP in business accommodation and software application for business management?

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Windows XP is basically a system software which facilitates users with the help of user friendly GUI. Different business applications can be tested as the OS has the support available overall the globe.

Almost all the software's nowadays support windows XP and different hot fixes are available to handle and solve the issues which occur during the testing of various software applications.

SAP and ERP are the most famous applications based on oracle and other programming languages and their clients for testing are Windows XP based in most cases. In this way Windows XP does helps in promoting various business applications and it also facilitates end users with helpful GUIs and menus.

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For your concern, I like to say that the purpose of windows XP in business accommodation and software application for business management is awesome by its feature. Here I would like to mention some features of it:

1. It has a componentized operating system like write filter, volume user friendly options

2. Windows XP developed enhanced write filter which protects system volume

3. It can configure read/write file on basis of file based writer filter

4. Ability to boot from both CD/USB

5. It is also support network boot

6. Increase of maximum allowable virtual memory

Also there are many reasons to use windows XP for your better performance.