PSPAD and other developing framework

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Can PSPAD be useful for HTML code editing? What is TopStyle Lite? How does TiDy library work? What is Hex editor function? Is there spell check function available? Can I code C, SQL, PHP programming languages? Can I edit files directly from the web by using PSPAD? Is it supported by the APACHE server? Is there an auto correction features available? What is a macro recorder and how does it work? Which browser is supported to preview of HTML code? Thank You

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PSPAD and other developing framework



            The PSPad editor is one of the freeware editors used in a text editor and source editor used by programmers. It is released in 2001 produced by Czech developer. Jan Fiala for windows platform.

            It is software development features such as hex editing, editing many languages including PHP, HTML and Java. The many projects, handling saving multiple files.

            The features include auto completion and find/replace regular expressions. Speed is based on MDI with multiple files and better open document manipulation. This software is packaged is ready to run and semi portable.

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