PS 3 indication light switching from green to red why?

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I have Sony play station 3.I usually play games on it and watch movies but there arise a problem.The indicator light on the PlayStation 3 starts green, switches to yellow, and then quickly switches to red, and blinks indefinitely.Is there is a fan issue or any other issue ? Anyone know please help me

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PS 3 indication light switching from green to red why?


Hi Adamswhitley,

The scenario you described is called The Yellow light of Death.

The PlayStations 3 will demonstrate this error for two reasons. To find out the source of the problem on your console, turn it on and listen carefully to the fan. If the fan powers on for a short while and then switches off, there is a problem with the motherboard. If the fan doesn't come on at all, there is an issue with the power supply.

Problem With Motherboard

This error is caused by the breaking of the solder joints between the CPU, GPU and the Motherboard. This error can be corrected by a certified technician.

Problem With Power Supply

The power supply will need to be replaced.


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