Protect My Desktop from virus without any software

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Hello experts,

I am here to get your advice. I used a laptop to browse internet. That virus protected.

I have another desktop computer. No need to use internet on my desktop.

I just used to use multimedia and small task. Now I want to protect that PC without any software.

So tell me what the good practice to be free from virus is.

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Protect My Desktop from virus without any software


Note a good internet surfing habit is more secure than using an anti virus. By this I mean that you should not click on suspicious looking web links or open suspicious websites in that case. Many professionals have advised people to adhere to this. Knowing whether a site is harmful before visiting it is what I am going to explain so that you can be able to protect yourself from these malicious sites.

There are two ways to go about this.

We are going to use an inferior account to accomplish this.

The main Idea is to use an inferior account, and when it’s affected we get rid of it. This ensures that your computer stays safe since this inferior account can’t access the critical file systems.

Don’t worry about how you have customized or the content stored on our computer because you are not going to loose them.

1. Just go ahead and customize your computer in any manner you like.

2. Access the file, settings and transfer wizard by following this path > Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Files – and – Settings – Transfer – Wizard.
The main purpose of this tool is for transferring settings and files from one computer to another. We are going to use to back up all our customized setting.

Go along with the wizard and specify that is your old computer at step one.
On the second step choose the "Other" option then browse to the location where you want the settings stored for future accessing.

Specify that you want to transfer only the settings.

Then let the wizard take care of the rest.

3. Create a new user with a limited account.

After logging into the new account, you can customize it to match your saved settings within seconds unlike customizing it manually which will take loot’s of time. Do the following in odder to accomplish this.

4. Access the file, settings and transfer wizard as I had earlier described.
Then choose the option indicating that you are using another new computer.
Then navigate to where you had stored your backup system settings.

Then let the wizard take care of the rest.

5. After this you need to re log in so the changes take place

6. Update your computer and remember to enable the computer’s firewall.

7. Do all your stuff using this inferior account but remember to save your files on a different location other than my documents.

8. As we all know it’s impossible not to be affected by a virus even if you are using a good anti virus but now you will be in a better position if that happens

9. So in case you are infected by a virus just delete that account and create another one just like we explained above.

You can always import bookmarks and passwords.  To do this go to your browser and export those. Or you can use other features like sync in Mozilla Firefox.

10. To delete that limited account, use the delete files/account option.

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Protect My Desktop from virus without any software


Hi Abelard,

Lets follow the best practice that were given below:
Virus transmits from either internet and other external media like USB Pen Drive, CD, DVD, memory card, etc. If you can avoid transiting from the above media, then your computer is safe. It is a best practice to scan the above media from your laptop computer which has Antivirus software before using the media to your desktop computer.
In your case if your Laptop computer is protected you Desktop will also be free from virus unless someone tried to access external media which is virus infected in your desktop computer.
The best practice for protection is ofcourse installing the latest Antivirus software and make sure it is updated every now and then.

Hope this helps you.

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Protect My Desktop from virus without any software


Good day.

Your problem is just simple.

REMEMBER this, the number one source of virus today is no other than the "Internet". Viruses from internet can infect your pc through browsing and downloading to a virus infected sites. If you are not using the internet you don't have to worry from virus but you must worry on the devices the you are going to connect in your pc.

Such as flash drives, cameras and any input devices that are virus infected already because it may surely infect you pc too.

Since you are not using internet so make sure that the devices that you are connecting in your pc are clean from viruses and you can surely keep your pc last.

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