Professional Graphics Card Vs. Video Card Difference

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Is there any distinguishing feature between a graphics card and video card, or they both are synonyms to each other? I have read on many sites that they both can fit in the place of each other, is this correct? If not, then compare Graphics card vs. Video card.

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Professional Graphics Card Vs. Video Card Difference


Actually, it is true that both the terms Graphics card and Video card have been used synonymously. But, the difference lies in the types of Graphics card i.e. Dedicated and Integrated graphics card vs. Video card. The following are the dissimilarities between the two:

• Both are used to perform display of images, but a Video card is particularly use for gaming purpose with high resolution.

• Video card uses computer’s RAM, and processor speed for better performance while a dedicated graphics card has its RAM and processor.

• Extra video card must be attached to CPU and Motherboard while a dedicated graphic card installs in a separate port.

• The video card is inbuilt while a dedicated graphics card is the external component.

• Video card is slightly cheaper than the graphics card.

• Performance wise a dedicated graphics card serves much better for quality and speed.

• To increase the no. of video cards, the components must be of the same model. On the other hand, we can install the latest upgraded graphics card every time we get to change it.

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