Processor few pins are bent

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Just want to ask if the processor pins are bent- can it be fixed? I have a Gigabyte G31 motherboard that was borrowed by my cousin,  and when he returned it, it wouldn’t run anymore. i tried swapping out good known CPU but still the same.

There is power to the board but if I try connecting the power cord for the processor nothing happens. So i tried checking the pins, and a few were bent. So is there anyway to fix this? Or should i get a new mobo or processor?



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Processor few pins are bent


Hi Pia! In order to fix bent pins on a CPU, try to do the following steps:

1. Place the CPU on a hard surface with the top down and the pins facing straight into the air. Be sure you have discharged any static electricity by touching a grounded metal object.

2. Get your wallet and pull out your credit cards, giftcards, and ID's.

3. Find a row on your CPU that has no bent pins in it. Take one of your cards, stand it on edge and run it through the row of pins. If the card is the right thickness it should slide between the pins with slight resistance and no bending of the pins. If the card is too thin it will slide through too easily. If the card is too thick you will not be able to slide the card through the pins without bowing out or bending pins.

4. Once you find a card of the right thickness run it through the various rows with bent pins in all 4 directions; for example, if there is one bent pin, run the card in the rows surrounding it, much like the # symbol; this will bend the pin straight in each direction.

5. Some pins will be so bent that they touch other pins or bent crooked so that they do not straighten up properly. Try using tooth floss; make a loop using the tooth floss, loop it around the offending pin (ONLY do 1 pin at a time) and slowly bend the pin into the correct position. Alternatively, take a sewing needle and slide it underneath the bent pin, pulling the needle up at one end, thereby levering the bent pin back to a position that will allow the plastic card to slide through.

6. Attempt to mount the CPU. If it doesn't slide right in the socket, retry the preceding steps. Do not attempt to shove or jam the CPU in.

I hopethis can help you 🙂 

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Processor few pins are bent


If you checked pins, and they are bent, that means that you haven’t put your CPU to the socket properly. This is because CPU can’t be inserted into the socket if pins aren’t 100% straight.

You can try straightening them with top of the patent-pen or with thin ruler.. If some pin is so bent that it cannot be straightened, remove it completely and your CPU should work even without it, because most of those pins are Vcc and Gnd, so couple of them can be missing.  

If after straightening pins your CPU doesn’t work, try testing some other CPU that fits to your motherboard. If that other CPU works, yours is broken and cannot be fixed (pins were probably short-circuited).


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