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Hello all.

After I install ProcessMaker 2.0.32.tar.gz on Fedora Linux, I received the error:

“Fatal error: Class'SoapClient' not found in /opt/processmaker/gulliver/system/class.soapNtlm.php on line 208

It occurred when I clicked the import option. The same also happens when trying to edit a process.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello Wexler,

Looks like the soap extension for PHP enabled is missing on your server system.

To install soap with root privileges type this command on a terminal:


Yum install php-soap
Service httpd stop
Service httpd start

Then try to import the process again. Hopefully this will solve these issues.


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If you want to be out of fatal error  of your mentioned software having installed,

You have to follow the steps shown in images.


Tarek Hossain.