Discovery Exception been occurred when generate interfaces

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I am trying to generate interfaces and business objects using the Object Adapter but I am unable to complete this task. The reason shows ‘Generating artifacts is failed’. You can see the whole attached error image so please provide a suggestion with a proper solution so that I may fix this problem. Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Discovery Exception

Failed to generate interfaces and business objects. Check the log file.


Generating artifacts is failed.

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Discovery Exception been occurred when generate interfaces


The reason that the adapter generated artifacts improperly for business objects is that it deletes spaces in the names of business objects and do not replace them with Unicode. 

If multiple business objects will have the same name after the adapter deletes spaces from the names, the adapter fails to generate proper artifacts and as a result only one WebSphere business object will be generated instesd of multipleones.  

The solution to this problem is to choose shorter names with different numbers and quotation marks so that the names of objects do not get mixed up. The option for this is available in WebSphere as "Generate business objects with shorter names".

The naming convention for this option adds a counter to the end of the business object if resulting names will be the same e.g. Robust, Robust1, and Robust2.

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