Process of transferring data to SAN

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This is the first time I used this software and there were things I still don’t understand. I am planning to transfer a client in the hosted environment. I have already done the imaging of the client’s server and converting it to a VM. After doing that, it will be demoted and combined to the domain that we have, which has resulted for the Sentry Install to be hosted. I’d like the idea of starting from scratch by doing a clean installation of this software. As a backup and to meet required space, I’m thinking of the data to be transferred to the Storage Area Network. Is there anyone who could provide me a step-by-step process on how to do the aforementioned task? Thank you.

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Process of transferring data to SAN


Hello Charlie Hopkins,

To transfer the client to a hosted environment, you can use the file transfer protocol, you can also use the micro focus mainframe access method, or you can as well use a machine readable medium to do the transfer.

I will share with you the transfer that uses micro focus mainframe access, which is a preferred method especially when transferring files from a mainframe system to a windows system. The process can be done by the use of on demand GUI using a point and click, or a simple drag and drop methodology, and it may be scripted or rather automated by the use of a command file in windows, or may be a job scheduler or even the MFA command line interface

The Micro Focus Indexed file format in which the file is transformed to during the transfer look as follows:


FROM ksds

You can read more about the other methods of transfer from the following site:


Clair Charles




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