Procedures on participating beta testing for Call of Duty 7

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I've been accepted as a beta tester for COD7. This is my first time a beta tester and I'm wondering whether anyone has participated in their beta tests and what kind of questions can I expect? Should I test the game in a certain way, or should I play the game casually?

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Procedures on participating beta testing for Call of Duty 7



It is first and foremost important to understand what a tester is and it's types.

There are two types of testers Alpha and Beta ..Beta testers are one who test the product in their own environment like their own home. As a beta tester they expect you to just use the game like a normal user would because they've already done a large amount of testing on the game during it's development. So my advice will be to play the game and look for the following things while playing.

1. If the game is lagging or causing error's while playing.

2. If it is hard to understand some of the features of the game.

3. Whether the game play is good enough or some more features will be needed to improve.

4. Any other suggestions that you would be having to improve the game.


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