Problems with printer at work and Lotus Notes

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Hello friends,

I had problems with my printer here at work, then with Lotus Notes:

1. All of a sudden, for NO reason I can understand, I could not print anything from any program.

2. I deleted my printer (HP LaserJet 5000 Series PCL 6) and re-installed it.

3. I CAN print from MS Word, but when I try to print in Lotus Notes, I get an error message: "Lotus Notes Desktop — printer error"

REALLY helpful message, eh?

I just now checked, and it did that again. What can I do to fix this?

I am NOT a computer expert, and because I work for a state agency, NONE of our Information Services staffs is REALLY a computer expert.  State government cannot afford to pay high enough wages to get ANYONE who is REALLY a REAL expert on computers to work in Info Services.  <Sigh…>

Is there ANYTHING I can do all by myself, from a complete list of instructions, to fix this problem once and for all?  This has happened several times with this computer.  ("This" = can print from MS Word, but CANNOT print from Lotus Notes — all of a sudden, out of the blue.)

Specs for my computer:

     IBM 330-P133

     Compaq 150

     HP LaserJet 5000 Series PCL 6

     Windows 95

If I need to use a diskette to re-boot any printer or computer software, that MAY be a problem.  I do not have that diskette, and I do not know if our Information Services people have it.

I hope you people can help me.  "Experts-exchange" has been VERY helpful to me so far, with all the problems that I have had.

I eagerly await for your replies.

SP fan.

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Problems with printer at work and Lotus Notes


Hello Gabrielle,

To resolve that issue, you can try changing one of the printers that you have got on the network to a network printer ID away from the Active Directory and see if that will resolve the issue. Note that this resolution may be applicable to a networked environment that has got about 65 users at large, but you can still try it on your network and see what result you will get

If you have got shared printers, you may want to deploy them as network printers, and you may need to do that manually. That will help solve the issues that you might get not only by lotus notes but also any other application that you are using to perform the printing.



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