Limited connectivity on a wireless network connection

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I have several computers at home.

I often use a wireless network, to play games between computers. A few months ago, I had difficulty, using a wireless connection on multiple computers that I have.

I've done step ping command to connect to it but the steps did not work.  The connection status just shows, limited connectivity.

What should I do, to handle this problem?

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Limited connectivity on a wireless network connection


Hi Virus,

Wireless connections  often use, use encryption to connect. It's called WEP/WPA or it depends on what the customer desires to use.

The error message you're getting is limited or no connectivity. This means, that the possible problem is between router and computer. If 1 PC is working, whether wired or wireless and 1 is not, with status message, "Limited or no Connectivity", you need to do the following

  • Recreate you're network name, by going to Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet, Network and Sharing Center, Manage Wireless connections and add a network.  Set up you're Network Name/SSID and type your Network Security Key or WEP/WPA.
  • Look for the Wireless icon in the lower right of the screen, usually found right next to the clock. Choose a network, Select your SSID or network name and enter you're network key.

This are the steps to connect to a wireless connection. Verify  with you're ISP also for possible problems with the Internet connection.

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Limited connectivity on a wireless network connection


Have you tried changing the wireless settings of your router?  Or in worst case have you done a reset to your router? Doing any of these would cause your wireless computers to unable to connect.  To solve this problem you need to hard wire your main computer directly to the router say in port 1.  You will be using that computer to check the wireless settings of your router.  Once it is hard wired, you need to check if the computer can get online.  If it can please check the IP address under LAN.  On your system tray a LAN icon can be found, you need to right click on it and select “Status”.  Click on the “Support” tab and there you can see the connection type as well as the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway. The default gateway is the LAN IP address of your router.  Open your browser and type that IP address in there, and then you should be prompted with your router’s password.  If you haven’t changed it the default password is usually admin. Or just refer to your router’s manual. Once the GUI of router is opened you need to check the wireless settings.  They should be the same as what was setup on your computers.  If it has the same settings as before and your computers still won’t connect then we can say that the wireless part of the router is not functioning, you might need to do a firmware upgrade.

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