Problems occur while running Virtual Box

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Hi all,

A little help if you can. I am running Virtual Box and problems are occurring. Screenshot of error is given below:

Virtual box


Virtual – Error In supIbOsint
Kernal driver not installed (rea – 1908)
Please install the Virtualbox-dkms package and execute
'modprobe vboxdrv' as root
Failed to open a session for the machine WinXP
The virtual machine 'WinXP' has terminated unexpectedly
during startup with exit code 1.
Result Code:  NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0X80004005)
Component:   Machine
Interface:      IMachine (5eaa9319-62fc-4b0a-843c-0cb19408a91)
                            Copy     OK

Virtualbox-dkms package is installed on my computer. Sudo modprobe vboxdrv appeared stating that vboxdrv is NOT installed so I installed the package again but the same error occurs.

I then took out virtualbox and installed it again as well as the packages that come with it, but the same error appears.

Can anybody give me straight to the point, easy to follow instructions on how to fix this (I'm not very technical).

Thanks in advance.

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Problems occur while running Virtual Box


Hello Michele,

Your computer seems to be having a lot of registry problems and that is why you are getting those errors when running virtualbox. You should therefore do the following:

  • Look for a program called CCleaner online and download it (it is free).
  • Install it on your computer.
  • Run it and then fix all the registry problems your computer may be having.
  • After that you can go ahead and running virtual box. It should execute properly this time round without bringing any errors.

Just an additional thing you can do, run the disk clean up utility just to be sure that you have gotten rid of all the broken files and registries on your computer.

Hope this helps.



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