Updating attributes in RBAC and ECP

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I am seeking response for my issues regarding RBAC and ECP. I am hoping that someone here can help me answer this.

Can one prevent the update of let’s say my contact information role from editing some attributes at the same time having other attributes updated? For example updating the contact information fields such as the address but not having a change on the alias. I am aware that the whole of the ECP can be permitted or denied but I am interested if this also applies to some of its parts/feature. 

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Updating attributes in RBAC and ECP


Have you created a trigger for it? This is a special case and you have to do it in order to make things easy for yourself.

First of all create a trigger for it and pass it the original attributes instead of alias.

Do the rest of the coding inside the trigger.

Name the trigger to whatever you want; there is no need to specify a special name or something.

After that use the trigger to where ever you want to use it to but don't use the alias names.

Now whenever you want to update the information, use this trigger and your job will be done without disturbing the alias that you have created.

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