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I’m just new on this networking set-up. I hope i could get some idea here. I’m planning to set up small network at home. I have two PC, that i want to network. I want them in a 1 workgroup. I configure it in properties -> sharing. How come I could access them in the other computer? Even disabling firewall on 2 computers. I don’t have any idea what happening here.

Solution please.

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Hello Carol,

If you have already set up the connection, I mean you have laid the cables connecting the computers together, and then setting up the work group is easy. Just use the following procedure to change the work group so that it is same for both computers:

  • Right click on my computer and then click on properties.
  • If you are using windows 7 on the computers you should see the workgroup settings in the window that will open.
  • Verify that they are the same, if not click on change settings.
  • Change the workgroup name to a name like MSHOME, and then save the changes. The computer will restart for the changes to take effect.
  • Do the same for the other computer.
  • If you are using windows XP, the working group settings will be under hardware in the computer properties.



Lee Hung