How can I Format C Drive

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How can i format C Drive ? Step by step details. My C drive is almost full off with program files & personal Data. I moved some files to other drives but after formatting they didn't work properly.


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How can I Format C Drive


Hello Ayswaria,

I have read your query. Well it’s very easy to format Drive C, if you have Windows Setup DVD. Please follow these instructions:

Insert Windows 7 Setup DVD into CD Drive and restart your computer.

Upon restart, you will come across a message “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”, do so, windows files will be start loading.

When loading files process completes, you will see Windows 7 logo and drop down boxes, select your options for languages or keyboard etc. and click next.

On next screen, you will see Install Now button to start setup.

Accept the license agreement and click next.

On next screen, you will see Custom (Advanced) button, click it.

You will come across Drive options (Advanced) under the drives. Notice, that many options are available including Format.

Choose C Drive, and click Format, you will receive a warning message about data loss upon formatting, make sure that you want really format C and there is no important data, and then click Ok.

That’s it, it will start the format process.

About files which are not working you mentioned, it seems you had some third party software to support those specific file formats, which you don’t have after reinstalling your OS. Try to reinstall all third party software which you had previously.

I hope it helped.

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How can I Format C Drive


Genebraldo Regio. Hello,

I think your question is different. If your C Drive is full with files, formatting is not the solution. Try to move your data to other drives and always keep 2.3 GB free on your C Drive. You can use system tools and clean your C Drive. C formatting is not like others because OS is there.

If you still want to remove all your data in C Drive, you can use Bootable XP or Win 7 CD, DVD to format your C Drive.

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How can I Format C Drive


If your system drive or drive C is almost becoming full, you might run out of space and this can be a problem with the operating system. The method you tried to free up some space by moving files to the other drive is one good option but this have to be done in the right way.

If you want to move files from the system drive to another drive, you should only move your personal files like documents and other important data files. Applications should not be moved manually because it will cause the program to stop functioning. If you want to move applications to another drive, you have to uninstall the program and then install it back.

For example, you want to move the entire Microsoft Office suite to your other drive since it occupies big space. First, uninstall the entire suite from your computer. Click “Start,” “Control Panel” then “Add or Remove Programs.” Select “Microsoft Office” then click “Remove” or “Uninstall.” Follow the normal uninstall process then restart the computer when you are prompted. After booting, install Microsoft Office back.

In the part of the installation where it asks you for the location where to install, here, click “Browse” then navigate to your other drive. Create a folder for applications you want to install, for example, “Extension” or any other name. Select the folder you created and then install there. Make sure every application you install on the folder has their specific folder.

For example, with Microsoft Office, you can have something like “D:\Extension\Microsoft Office”.

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