Problem when trying to watch avi films on Mac

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I have some problems when I try to watch avi films on Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger because I can’t find the translation with the movie especially with films that have subtitles included in the same folder, I also tried another media player and still the same problem with translation as it is. So what can I do to solve this problem?

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Problem when trying to watch avi films on Mac


Hi Amanda,

I recommend using VLC Player which can play any type of video file extensions, such as FLV, MKV, AVI, and MP4. It also has features which you can configure the audio settings or the audio translation of a movie and subtitles.

You can download it here.

I can teach where to configure the audio translation and subtitles using VLC Player.

1. Open any movie or video using VLC Player.

2. When the movie is already running, you can pause it or you can let it play while you configure the audio translation if it is English or other language. Go to Audio, then Audio Track and select any track available. The default track is the one is currently being used in the movie or video.

3. For configuring the subtitle, go to Video, then Subtitles Track. Select any subtitle available or click Open File if the movie does not have any subtitles enabled.

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Problem when trying to watch avi films on Mac


I thought the problem was with the video you are playing or with the media player you are using to play the video but it seems the problem is not related to either of the two.

If the problem is with the subtitle because you cannot see any of the translations on the screen even if the subtitle itself is on the same folder as the video, the problem there is not with the media player you are using and it cannot be fixed no matter what media player you use.

The problem there is with how the subtitle was named or basically, the filename of the subtitle. To automatically display the subtitle on the video, if the video includes a subtitle, the name of the video and the subtitle should be exactly the same except for their extension names.

Like for example, if the video is named “Jurassic Park.mp4” the subtitle should be “Jurassic” or whatever subtitle extension name is used. Check the subtitle in the folder then follow this format to rename it. You can use VLC media player for OS X.

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