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I have several pictures taken during vacation using my personal Olympus Stylus Tough 6020 camera. However, when I tried to upload them to my computer, the upload was denied be my computer since it does not recognize the camera which was attached to it via USB. All pictures were stored in the camera’s internal memory, so I tried transferring them manually to the SD Card of the camera. Sad to note, however, that formatting the SD Card is required before I can transfer the pictures into it. I am confused whether or not  I should format the SD card since, as we all know, doing this will cause all my files stored in it to be deleted. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you.

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Hi Ashlene

You need to have the driver for your camera before you can connect it to the computer, no device work or communicate with a computer without a driver. If your camera came with a cd then install the driver by inserting it to your CD or DVD drive. Otherwise you will have to search for a driver in the internet that is compatible with your operating system.

About formatting the SD card its not very difficult to first transfer the files to your computer then format it. Use the type of formatting that is compatible with your camera. Refer it's manual for this.

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That should be a problem with the SD card itself and not the computer, but you will  need to verify that by trying to access the SD card from another computer. If the other computer behaves the same way as the one you are using to access the SD card right now, then it will be pretty clear that the problem is with the SD card and therefore you will be left with no option but to format, but that will mean that you will loose all your pictures that are on it. You can also try accessing the pictures from a different camera and see how the SD card will behave, in case the camera has some space, you can copy some important pictures on it and then format the  SD card.

-Clair Charles